Sophie - soprano and teacher of singing, Sultan - IT architect

Sultan Zakir - IT Architect and Software Developer

Broad experience in banking software architecture and development. Experience in all stages of software development lifecycle. High performance, high-availability secure reliable systems. Experienced team and project lead, work well with customers. Agile and eXtreme Programming practitioner and mentor. A business focused Technology Architect and Software Developer with 18+ years experience in Banking, Finance, Telecom, eBusiness, Automotive and Transportation industries. Broad knowledge of core processes and products of a bank including a commercial banking, an investment banking and a risk management.

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Sophie Zakir - a singer

On the concert stage Sophie Zakir sang and performed as a soprano in many international cities including Moscow, Kaliningrad, Omsk (Russia), Beijing, Urumqi (China), Almaty, Chimkent (Kazakhstan), Washington DC, New York (USA), Tashkent (Uzbekistan), Prague (Czech Republic), Munich (Germany), Brussels (Belgium), Vienna, Salzburg (Austria), Turkey (Istanbul), Zurich (Switzerland).

New Video Album "The unforgettable songs of Uyghurs" now available on YouTube channel
Sophie Zakir - The Unforgettable Songs of Uyghurs Sophie Zakir - The Unforgettable Songs of Uyghurs
Konzert. Sophie & Bota Zakir. - Lieder, Arien und Klavierstücke aus Uigurien, Kasachstan, Russland und Europa.
München. Gasteig. 31.01.2015 19:00 Uhr
Sophie & Bota Zakir - Konzert in Gasteig, München Gasteig Tickets zum Silvesterkonzert

Ein Konzert mit Liedern, Arien und Klavierstücken der berühmten klassischen Komponisten entlang der Seidenstrasse aus Uigurien, Kasachstan, Russland und Europa wie I. Seypulla, S. Seri, N. Mendygaliev, K. Kuzhamyarov, S. Rachmaninov, Dvorak, A.Skrjabin, R. Wagner, G. Verdi, R.Schumann, A. Scarlatti, G. Bizet, V. Bellini.